Dancing With Noah

Just messing around, getting triple doubles


Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune and opportunity to write for some great sites that are no longer part of the web ecosphere. Namely, Hickory-High, run by Ian Levy, and Hardwood Paroxysm, run by Matt Moore. As a result, some writing I’m proud of and other writing I cringe at are no longer available on these interwebs.

In an attempt at stretching out my online lifespan just a wee bit longer with a tad broader footprint, I’ve re-posted several older pieces below. In many cases, it will be just text unless tables or graphics are retrievable (not always) or critical to articulation.


22nd Century Original: James Harden; published March 2013 on Hickory-High

The Signing, Stopping, and Standing of James Harden; published March 2013 on Hickory-High

DeMarcus Cousins, Human Being; published March 2014 on Hickory-High

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