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22nd Century Original: James Harden

Originally published March of 2013 on Hickory-High:


James Harden, what comes to mind?

So shrewd and conniving

Suckering refs and opponents into contact and committing fouls in exchange for free


(Did you say contracts?)

I said contact, but contracts too

Although there’s no bamboozling when money’s on the line (“Lies!”)

(Does he fold, does he flop,

In the negotiating room?)

No. He cajoles and he barters, raises demands to the rafters, a contract-

Constructing master

Always signing J. Harden on the line

This time, that time, last time, remember when he went to the line 21 times

And the opponents cried

“He’s initiating the contact! He’s a black bearded bowling ball!”

You mean, he’s a black bearded pinball

Ricochet ricochet boom boom bap

Bouncing off defenders like a loon in a strait jacket in a padded room in an asylum,

But only an asylum where the primary patient is a mad genius

Hiding secret keys to the questions of the world in a dark beard of deception

Did you know he throws parties on Hollywood sets and invites camera crews and sneaker companies?

(See? Conniving. What more evidence do you need?

To see the truth, that he built his solid game on the flimsy foundation of baiting and bending)

No, you mean blending:

Styles from the three continents:

The efficiency of German engineering,

Ginobilian creativity,

and the muscling audacity of the American armed forces

(This all seems …. A bit hyperbolistic)

Reveal your ignorance if you must, but we’re talking about James Harden, not Jimmy or Jim or Jack or Jamie

Not Kobe, not Dwyane or Manu or Kevin

(Martin or Durant?)

Not none, not now and not before

He’s James Harden

Today, tomorrow and forever more

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