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The Signing, Stopping, and Standing of James Harden

Originally published in March of 2013 on Hickory-High:


The Signing, Stopping and Standing of James Harden


Styles stumbling stoically with

Purpose: A

Whistle: A

Trip to the line

James signs James on a line to

Arizona State to

Herb Sendek to

Shoot free throws and threes

Aware of the lines to

Declare for a draft to

Agree to terms laid forth and created

By people, ahem, by men with crisp

Suits and great big mahogany desks

That stretch across office floors in

Manhattan to

Play basketball for the Oklahoma

City Thunder in exchange for a

Wage placing him figurative skyscrapers

Above the median income of all

Humans on the planet to

Play for Scott Brooks to

Chip chop away at another man’s

Minutes, another man’s time, to

Diminish that man’s value relative to his

Until the breaking point is

Reached and James is signing his name

On another line in another city to

Make even more money in

Exchange for playing more basketball for

Another team and another coach

Until Nike comes calling with another

Offer where James’ll sign on a line

For acting like he’s playing or

Playing like he’s acting in exchange

For money


And he deftly navigates the lines: He draws attention and goes to

The line

Stop in motion with toes just behind

The line

Sit at those great big desks in

Tempe, Manhattan, Oklahoma City, Houston,

Beaverton and keep signing his

Name and agreeing to the terms laid

Out in tiny letters on contracts filed away in

Databases and filing cabinets in law

Offices and corporate offices:

In return for my services, I will

Receive money

I agree to the terms here forth:

James Harden,

Inside the lines


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