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Cause for Excitement

If you’ve read any of my team preview posts, you probably picked up on the theme of excited curiosity that surrounds the unknown. We all know what Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard and Samuel Dalembert are capable of doing, but we’re still learning about young players and guys who have switched uniforms.

With that that in mind, I was tickled last night as I sat on my couch, New Castle in hand, feet kicked up and landed the remote on the OKC @ Minnesota game. There was that Russell Westbrook whipping and snapping all over the court, a new haircut for Nick Collison, a DC battle between Beasely and Durant, and then the Spanish question mark Ricky Rubio. Yeah man, I was all skeptical about Rubio. Skeptical about his defense. Skeptical about his foot speed. Skeptical about the hype. I wasn’t quite hating on the kid, but I wasn’t supportive either and I can make a case that I wasn’t even fair in regards to his NBA potential.

I’m fully aware that 26 minutes and 18 seconds doesn’t count for much of a sample, but watching Rubio thread passes through the tiniest and tightest of lanes and openings had me stroking the stubble on my chin and nodding in agreement: Yes, that’s a man who can pass. The passes he made were hard enough to see let alone execute and he repeatedly threw these passes without making a single turnover. Ahhh … it was a breath of fresh air and for Minnesota fans, you people (whatchu mean, you people?!?! – it’s not even like that) should be rejoicing in the name of all that is round, leather and flies through a steel rim:

3 responses to “Cause for Excitement

  1. Bug December 27, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    After watching those passes, you can’t help but think of the elite passers of our time: Stockton, Magic, Kidd, Nash…and of course Omar Cook. Vision like that doesn’t come around often, and it really jumps out at you when someone has it. The most impressive thing is how he see the play developing, gets to the right spot to create the passing angle, then delivers a strike without hesitation…all while going full speed. I was the biggest Rubio-basher out there (mainly because he was being a pussy about working out for the draft, and about coming to the NBA), but he got me up out of my seat with a couple of those dimes (I have also watched the highlight reel 10+ times on YouTube today). I don’t know if he can shoot or guard anyone at all, but the boy can pass his ass off. For T-wolves fans, that is more than they’ve had to cheer for in the last 4 years.

  2. fendo December 27, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Sicker than yo average ….

  3. Sha December 30, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    At this point he is a poor man’s White Chocolate.. Not his fault, we just haven’t seen enough.. Not a bad start though..

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