Dancing With Noah

Just messing around, getting triple doubles

Spain can Pass

A little Rudy Fernandez to the rookie Kenneth Faried while fellow rookie Jimmer Fredette looks on. Jimmer had to be wondering what kind of mumbo jumbo Rudy was pulling when he chucked this ball up over his head … and just as the final thought flows through ….

In other news … how about those Nuggets? For all the respect and accolades he gets, George Karl is still underrated. Stay tuned for more on the coach and his surprising (to me at least … c’mon, you didn’t see it coming) team.

One response to “Spain can Pass

  1. Hamilton January 5, 2012 at 6:56 am

    Aside from Wilson Chandler, this team is much better off without the exports to China. JR Smith’s chucking and Kenyon Martin’s thugging never seemed like a good fit.

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