Dancing With Noah

Just messing around, getting triple doubles

This is not the burial, it’s the resurrection

Hey kids, gather round. We’re 22 days away from tipping off the 2011-12 NBA regular season. From the outside looking in, the acrimony between the owners and players seems like it happened years ago. It might be winter, but we’re in the midst of a great thawing. Everyone’s already resuming their natural roles (front offices and agents negotiating, players working out at team facilities, players angling for trades via the media—just like riding a bike) and sticking to the script. Despite the oncoming maelstrom of transactions, it all feels serene and peaceful now that the lockout is mostly over.

As we move into year one of this six-year truce, I intend to write a brief prologue of each of the league’s 30 teams. Since we have roughly three weeks until the season starts and I work a full-time job, it’s altogether possible that I’m undertaking too much and will suffocate under the weight like a small man under a large garbage pile. It’s also worth acknowledging that the league might move too fast for me. If I write that the Nets have a gaping hole at power forward and then they sign David West; there’s nothing to be done—except a quick edit which probably won’t happen (I owe you honesty if nothing else).

So without wasting any more of your time or my time, let’s look to the future and hope for the sunny days.

*Art provided by Ben Goodspeed … check him out at http://bengoodspeed.com

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